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Flowgene develops innovative optical systems for life sciences       

      These technologies systems provide technological breakthrough

      for dedicated applications :


     -     Proteomic,   with an HPLC / microHPLC / CE detector that provides the

                                 scientist an improvement in sensitivity over 100 times when

                                 compared with a Diode Array Detector.

                                 This detector is ideal for Mass-Spec users.

     -     Clinical diagnostic,   with a Volatile Organic Compound analyzer ,

                                              built around a CE instrument. This instrument

                                              provides sensitivity performances at least at the

                                              human nose level, with a reproducibility around 90%.

                                              Applications : biological fluids vapor analysis,

                                              that might lead to cancer detection.

      -     Environment,   with an Oil-Fog detector . This instrument is designed to

                                       detect and identify oil-fogs in close environment, with a

                                       typical oil-fog concentration of 0.1 mg/m3.

                                       Reproducibility is around 90%.

     -     Environment,    with a Water analyzer . This instrument is currently under

                                       development, and is designed to detect, identify and

                                       quantify compounds at very low concentration in sea water.

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Last update September 2015 

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